Who are you?

Okay, so I have been around this place for a while. Sometimes I get left alone and sure that makes me sad but let’s be honest here, I get a LOT of attention.

Earlier this week my dad came home with someone new.ImageAt first I thought “YES! Finally I have someone to play with and okay she is also kind of pretty!” (I only really like being friends with pretty dogs.) After many attempts to try and play with her she would just stare at me.ImageNeedless to say I started to get tired of this new lady in my house. After a while I just followed her around kinda hoping she would leave, she was taking some of my attention and doing weird things. I tried to figure her out but I just couldn’t.ImageAfter all of this I was almost coming around, and then she started to borrow some of my clothes. And sure, I don’t wear them anymore but if I wanted to they would be covered in her fur – gross.ImageSo just when I thought this was the last straw I realized it might be kind of nice to have a pal around the house. She is pretty chill after all and she is rather pretty in a long-nosed, tail-having, long-soft-white fur kinda way (if that’s what you’re into). When I realized she could be just as lazy as me, we kinda clicked.ImageYeah, I think we can be friends.Image

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2 thoughts on “Who are you?

  1. Yay for new friends! I think it’s really nice of you to accept a new friend into your pack, Ruby! You can show her what it means to be a great furry friend.

  2. ROSEMARY PENDER on said:

    Ruby, the pictures of you and your ‘new sister’ are gorgeous. I can see you two are going to become the best of friends in no time. A little dose of ‘sibling rivalry’ helps to build strength and character. XXOO REP

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