So, I guess this place I live is called Canada. I thought it was called “Home” but I’m not even two years old yet so I guess I still have things to learn. Anyways, to celebrate the birthday of Canada, Mom and Dad got two extra days away from work! It was also my Grahampa’s birthday so we went to Fernie with the whole family to celebrate. My cousin was there with his Mom and dad (who are my aunt and uncle) and my other aunt and my Meemaw and Grahampa.

If you don’t know, Fernie has these things called mountains, they are pretty and big!
I would like to say I spent a lot of time on the mountains with my Mom and Dad but really I spent most of the weekend lying around with my cousin, but it was really hot so can you blame me?!

20140701-205949-75589359.jpg(My Meemaw took this picture, thanks Meemaw!)

I wasn’t lazy all weekend though, I did get to spend some time walking the trails! There were so many great smells and things to see!20140701-210140-75700502.jpgAfter all the fun and heat his weekend I am pretty tired so I will spend the next few days sleeping so I can celebrate my birthday on Thursday!

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