I’m Two!

Well Friends, I made it. I am officially two years old! I was really sad that I could not be with my Aunt Abbey today since we are birthday buddies but that’s okay – maybe next year!
Today was not the best of birthdays. It was too hot. I spent most of my day moping about waiting for my mom to make my birthday pupcake.
Now let me tell you, a pupcake is something to get excited about. It is something worth bounding around the house for and jumping up and down. On a day like today, though, with wrinkles and flat pancake face like mine, bounding and jumping are just not a good idea.
The thought crossed my mind though. I spent the whole day thinking a little bounding might get me my treat early. I followed Mom around the house all day expecting her to give in and give me my pupcake but she took her sweet time and waited for Dad to come home.
In the end I did get to devour the delicious cake (and with minimal bounding, jumping, or begging!)

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3 thoughts on “I’m Two!

  1. Jenn on said:

    happy 2nd birthday Ruby!

  2. ROSEMARY PENDER on said:

    Happy Birthday my dear little grandpuppy.
    You are the cutest, each and everyday!
    I hope that you savoured and slobbered every morsel of your festive ‘pupcake’.
    Stay cool Baby Ruby,
    Mama Rosemary

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